Chién Vivant Couture Dog Beds

This one is for all the dog lovers out there… those of you that think of your dog as a part of the family… those of you that like to really pamper your dog… those of you that may be prone to going a tad overboard with the whole idea…

If you want your dog to sleep in true luxury, look no further than Chién Vivant Couture.

Las Vegas based designer Neely Neu came up with the idea courtesy of her own personal pet and has expanded to offer a full line of couture dog beds. Currently eleven collections are available including the Paris, La Rochelle and Marsille lines.

All of the beds are available in custom sizes and offer a number of options. You can kick the bed legs up a notch with Swarovski or Austrian Crystal. How about a little monogramming to suit you and your pet?

If you believe nothing is too good for your dog, these beds are highly recommended. Sweet dreams, Fido…


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