Blavod – The Vodka for Halloween

Tricks and Treats and… well, some pretty crazy drinks.

Following that line of brain-think, I have come up with what may well be the ultimate in libations for All Hallows’ Eve. Indeed, a vodka that ghouls, ghosts, goblins and various other dwellers of darkness would surely consume…

Blavod Vodka

The eyes are not fooling you, folks. This is a black colored vodka. And no, it does not taste of licorice. It falls in the category of a crisp, clean premium vodka with a bit of a spicy bite on the aftertaste. Close your eyes and you would never know the difference.

Halloween = scary black drinks!

OK, now that your wheels are starting to turn, you can get creative here. All manner of vodka based cocktails can be made for that spooky Halloween party. Start with a black martini and go from there. One of my favorites from the Blavod website: the Black Widow. In a rocks glass with ice, fill half-way with cranberry juice then layer the top with Blavod vodka.