Porsche’s Plans

Porsche AG, the venerable automaker from Zufffenhausen, Germany, has big plans!

Despite the global economic downturn, the little car company that could continues to churn out new models and new engineering. Here is a quick rundown of what the next few years will bring…

Panamera - Hitting showrooms now is the Panamera sedan with optional V8 and turbocharged V8 engines as well as 2 and 4-wheel drive. In 2010 the Panamera will receive gas and diesel V6 engine choices as the entry-level offering. In 2011, look for the Panamera Hybrid to debut.

Cayenne – Porsche’s SUV will appear in all-new from the ground up form in 2010. Expect better performance than the current model and power from V6, V8 and turbocharged V8 engines. The hybrid version will debut in 2011.

911 – The summer of 2012 will bring us the next all-new 911. With the factory designation 998 (the current model is the 997), the iconic Porsche two-door will grow slightly in both width and length but retain its styling and improve on the current model’s performance capabilities.

Beyond the new 911 release, I look for both a smaller SUV model below the Cayenne which will be based on the Audi Q5 but with more of a sporting character per the Porsche heritage. I also expect a coupe and convertible version of the Panamera sedan, possible reviving the 928 moniker and using the Panamera’s underpinnings.

Porsche… that little car company that could keeps on rolling!