JOCHEN70 – Luggage for your Classic Car

If you happen to own a vintage sports car, or even some of the modern ones for that matter, you surely will notice that trunk space can be somewhat abbreviated. Never fear, as JOCHEN70 has you covered!

The company’s founders, Andreas Braunbock and Heinz Swoboda, both classic car fanatics realized a need for the owners of these vehicles and moved to fill the niche. Pairing with the Lucy D design firm in Vienna, they have created products that will “optimize the little space available in the classic car boot or trunk, while simultaneously offering its owners suitably sophisticated luggage“.

High quality design, materials and craftsmanship are definitely a hallmark of these products. The color of the stripe is completely customizable per your request. Maybe to match the color of your Jaguar E-type..?

Have luggage, will travel..! Fire up that engine and hit the road…