Project Orca Megayacht

Yes, a megayacht would be one big boat..!

But what is an Orca..?

Does the term Killer Whale ring a bell? Fast and sleek with characteristic black and white markings, these impressive animals were no doubt the inspiration for the UK-based Michael Leach Design firm in putting this creation together.

Measuring in at 96 meters – that would be 315 feet – the Project Orca is currently under construction at the famed Blohm + Voss shipyards in Germany with an expected delivery of late spring 2010.

The megayacht will come complete with bespoke handmade furniture from Silverlining as well as two custom built limousine tenders from Cougar Marine to get the owner to shore for the occasional night on the town. This is what I would call traveling the seven seas in style..!