Ospina – The Ultimate Coffee Gift

Do you drink coffee? If not, you certainly know somebody that does. If that person is a true coffee aficionado and you happen to need to get them a gift, read on…

The longest extant purveyor of coffee in the world would happen to be Ospina. Not only have they been around for a year or seven, they also produce what is widely regarded by connoisseurs the world over as the world’s finest Premier Grand Cru coffee beans.

To commemorate 170 years in business (that’s not a typo…) the Ospina Coffee Company is releasing its Ospina Presidential Coffee™, Private Reserve. The release is limited to 5,000 deluxe gift boxes, each containing a pound of the highest graded Arabica Typica beans from the anniversary harvest which have been hand-picked and sorted, carefully fermented, sun-dried and roasted to perfection. As for tasting notes, here is what the folks at Ospina have to say…

“Premier Grand Cru™ Elevation: Grown between 6,800 and 7,500 feet. Aroma: Concentrated, fragrant, jasmine blossom like. Body: Delicate, full bodied and perfectly balanced. Flavor: Complex, rich, intense, nutty and velvety. Notes: Almond, caramel, chocolate and blackberry. Roast: Italian classic roast. Aftertaste: Delicious, refreshing and wine-like.”

Is your mouth watering yet..? Good! Each gift box arrives numbered and certified. Get one before they are gone. Highly recommended!