Butch Bakery – Cupcakes for Men

The Jackhammer, the Beer Run, the B-52…

All are on the cupcake menu at Butch Bakery in New York.

In an answer to the question “What does a Wall Street securities attorney do when he loses his job to the recession?” Start a bakery, of course. Founder David Arrick put the idea together and business has very quickly gone through the roof. The company is currently expanding operations to meet the exponential increase in demand.

I like to think of it as ingenuity at its finest! One of those “only in America” stories that remind us of what can be accomplished. The idea of course stems from the pink frosting and sprinkles stereotype, thus creating a whole new market.

So, what exactly is a Beer Run cupcake? How about some chocolate beer cake with beer-infused buttercream topped with crushed pretzels. More of a rum and coke fan? Butch Bakery has you covered, with their version consisting of rum-soaked Madagascar vanilla cake filled with cola Bavarian cream. Nice..!

Of course the Connoisseur will sample a few and let you know the results. The taste buds can hardly wait..!