Godiva Chocolate-infused Vodka

Those of you that have a sweet tooth and the love of a good martini, turn away..! (This may be addicting!)

Unfortunately I fall in that group. Courtesy of the folks at Godiva Chocolatier I now have a new concern…in a good way, of course.

Godiva Chocolate-infused Vodka

There are certainly other brands of chocolate-infused vodka on the market, but the Belgian Chocolatier has been in the chocolate business since 1926, making them especially qualified to pull off such a feat. Distilled five times, this is a high quality spirit and sure to make the taste buds smile.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Start with a simple Godiva on the rocks with an orange twist, or maybe splash some in your holiday eggnog. Then of course you can do a nice chocolate martini or how about an espresso martini. I like the latter with 2 parts Godiva vodka, 1 part Baileys, splash of heavy cream and a pinch of espresso powder. Shake well and strain into a vodka glass and top with a shake of cocoa.

If this all wasn’t enough, Godiva even has Chocolate Raspberry Vodka..!

Happy Holidays indeed..!