Bonhams Space History Auction

Wouldn’t you like to have a little space..?

No, I’m not talking about a bigger flat in New York City. I’m referring to outer space…away from the big blue marble.

Bonhams’ New York location will be auctioning several items from both the American and Russian space programs in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the historic missions of Alan Shepard and Yuri Gagarin. Items to be auctioned include emblems and medallions, lunar surface equipment, charts, photographs and various hardware items.

This is actually the third installment of the Bonhams Space History auction. The first taking place in July of 2009 included the sale of Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for man” inscription on a flight plan (shown above), netting $152,000.

The bulk of the items featured are from the Forbes collection, as well as the estate of James E. Webb, an administrator with NASA during the 1960s.

Take a look… Now is your chance to own a piece of the final frontier..!