Mercedes’ New SLK for 2012

The third generation of Mercedes-Benz’s compact roadster is on the way, and so far I like what I see.

Gone are the first generations’ under-detailed soft looks and the second gen’s SLR inspired front hood which just didn’t work on the smaller car. Now we have what I feel is an appropriately Mercedes design aesthetic...A solid, non-whimpy presence with some sportiness thrown in to fit the character of the car.

While arguably not class-leading, the SLK can now hold its own in performance conversations with Porsche’s Boxster and BMW’s Z4, and an improved interior makes for a nice place to enjoy those new found driving dynamics. Power will initially come from a 3.5 liter V-6 with 302 horsepower in the SLK 350. The Benz folks claim a 0-60 sprint of 5.4 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. Early next year the SLK 250 will be available with a more sedate 201 horsepower four cylinder engine. We also expect a hi-po V-8 powered AMG version which would surely add to your speeding ticket tally.

And now for the SLK’s bit of techno-wizardry coolness…

Magic Sky Control

An option on the SLK, Magic Sky Control replaces the top metal panel on the folding hard-top with glass. But this is not just any old glass roof. Using electricity and a technology similar to LCD, the glass panel will change from clear to opaque with the touch of a button..! Very slick…

All-in-all Mercedes Benz did an excellent job with the SLK redux. If you are in the market for a two-seat roadster, this is definitely one to put on the test-drive list..!