BMW’s Concept M5 Goes Live!

First things first…this is NOT a “concept” car!

Ah yes, the speed-freak engineers at BMW’s M-division are showing us a preview of their next asphalt-eater…

Meet the new M5..!

Disguised prototypes of the F10 5-series in M trim have been spied for quite some time now, accompanied by the usual facts, figures and conjecture. Here now is what we know from the official press release…

I’ll start with the single most important item when it comes to all things M – the engine. As per the recent trend departing from the naturally aspirated high-revving engines of the past (discussed here), the new M5 utilizes a turbocharged V8 for propulsion. The as of yet unreleased horsepower and torque figures should be in the stratosphere, expected in the high 500 range! All this while producing an estimated 25% gain in fuel efficiency over the previous generation car.

The transmission will be BMWs slick 7-speed M DCT and a newly developed Active M Differential will aid high-speed stability. The wheels are 20-inchers all around in an M-specific split 5-spoke design.

External styling cues are a bit more restrained than M-cars of the past. The aggressive front and rear apron treatments are maintained as well as the signature side vents. Gone however, is the hood power bulge seen on previous M rockets. Overall the design should provide the road presence a car of this performance envelope deserves.

Engineered by M…tuned on the Nürburgring…the new M5 may prove to be the most capable 4-door on the planet..!