VO Vapen for One-of-a-Kind Rifles

Based out of Sweden, VO Vapen is known for their heirloom quality hunting rifles.

Founder and master gunsmith Viggo Olsson and son Ulf have been handcrafting these beauties under the VO Vapen moniker since 1977. We are talking low production/high quality rifles, thought by many to be the most exclusive in the world.

Along with the gorgeous 4-year air dried walnut root that is used for the stock, you will find exquisite engraving adorning each gun. Top this off with an ingenious patented takedown system which allows several different calibers to be used with the same rifle and you have something truly amazing!

Let’s kick it up a step further with VO’s new “One of One” category.

A few times each year, Viggo will select a client looking to build something really special. The gun will be thoroughly customized per the customer’s wishes with engraving inspired by a family member, or maybe an event or location. A duplicate piece will never be made…truly one of a kind!