Adele’s 21 is the One

It’s a fairly common occurrence in the music industry… the Sophomore Slump. A hot new performer debuts with a quality album that succeeds in the marketplace, only to follow up a year or two later with music of disturbingly lesser quality.

Not so for British singer-songwriter Adele.

Winner of a pair of Grammy Awards in 2009 for her debut 19 (an age reference), Adele has not only equaled the quality of her first record, but surpassed it..!

Titled 21, the music on this latest effort exhibits growth and maturity both vocally and in the songwriting department, all the while maintaining her eclectic soulful R&B style. It is a solid listen top to bottom with no glaring “filler” material that can plague so many other releases on the market.

I highly recommend picking this CD up. You won’t be disappointed… unless of course you listen strictly to Sevendust and Black Label Society. Then maybe not so much…

I’ll place a bet that the folks at the Grammy Awards won’t be disappointed either, as I am guessing more trophies will be on the way..!

Your ears will be happy… Enjoy!