Mitsubishi TV Goes Big – Dumps LCD

Electronics giant Mitsubishi is following a curious path in the world of HD televisions.

While virtually all other manufacturers are investing heavily in the world of LCD and to some degree Plasma displays, those making the decisions at Mitsubishi are abandoning that ship…but climbing aboard another featuring rear projection.

Yes, I said “rear projection”…

Surely you recall those large boxes that were all the television status symbol rage back in the pre-flat screen days. Well, fortunately technology has progressed and those boxes are now slender, lightweight and project a mighty impressive image! As virtually all other manufacturers have left this technology, Mitsubishi would appear to have the market cornered.

Maybe not such a crazy idea after all..!

And now for the particulars… The entry-level will be the 640 Series, which consists of a 3D capable 73-inch screen in full 1080p that will retail for $1,599. A step up is the 740 Series in both 73 and 82-inch sizes and adds built in 3D, networking capability and a remote app for iPhones and iPads. Pricing here is set at $2,099 and $3,499 respectively.

The top of the heap will be the Diamond 840 Series which has the 73 and 82-inch sizes, as well as a ginormous 92-inch model priced at $5,999. The Diamond series adds advanced picture controls as well as the Clear Contrast Screen, Bluetooth audio support and a 16-speaker sound projector.

Did I say 92-inches..? Wow!

If you want to go big with your home theater, this may be your ticket..!