The New BMW M5 – Fifth Generation Monster

In a follow-up to my article on the M5 “Concept”, BMW has now released the official specs for the production vehicle.

But first, a brief history lesson…

It all started in 1984, when BMW’s M (Motorsport) division decided to take their midsize 5-Series sedan and…how shall I put this? …”increase the performance envelope” with various suspension and powertrain modifications. A succession of high-performance yet stealthy sedans followed.

This brings us to today’s 5th generation fire-breathing beast of a car, known in BMW-speak as the F10 M5.

Here now are the official details:

• A twin scroll turbocharged V8 with 560 freaking insane horsepower and 501 lb-ft of torque!

• 7-speed DCT transmission, although spy photos seem to indicate that a 6-speed manual will be available in the near future as well.

• Top speed of 189 mph with the optional M-Drivers Package.

• 0-100km (62 mph) in 4.4 seconds

• Two configurable set-ups accessible from the M Drive button on the steering wheel. Customizable parameters include suspension, steering, throttle, shifting, head-up display and kryptonite… (Uh… never mind the kryptonite!)

Top this off with a generous helping of M-specific exterior and interior design cues, as well as improved fuel economy, and you have one impressive vehicle.

The 2012 M5 should be available early Q4 of this year. Place that order now!