Laguiole Knives are Awesome…Sometimes!

Many of you are likely familiar with the name Laguiole, having seen it on cutlery at a fine restaurant, store or a residence. It has become synonymous with high quality handmade craftsmanship.

What many folks don’t realize is that the name Laguiole is NOT a brand or a company.

When these knives were first created in the early 1800s with their slim design and tapered blade, nobody thought to patent the name. The result is that cutlery with the Laguiole name and style can be manufactured anywhere in the world and unfortunately the quality varies greatly.

Should you want to procure the real deal, let me give you a few pointers…

There are several cutler makers in France, most located near Laguiole or Thiers, that follow the traditional Laguiole style and hand crafting techniques.

This is the good stuff!

Along with the Laguiole name you will find a name and/or logo of the maker on the knives. The product will also be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, listing the name and address of the producer. This is old-school artisan work. Some of these knives require over 200 steps in production to complete!

The real Laguiole cutlery is indeed…awesome!