Ferrari’s Mighty F12 Berlinetta

Ferrari cognoscenti are all aglow with the Geneva Motor Show debut of the fastest production Ferrari ever built:  the F12 Berlinetta.
As a replacement for the aging 599, the F12 retains the mid-front engine configuration of the previous car – the engine is in front of the driver, but behind the front wheels for better weight distribution.  And oh what an engine it is..!  The folks at Maranello developed an all new 6262cc V-12 for this stallion which produces a reported 740 horsepower and redlines at 8700 rpm, yet manages to drink 30% less fuel than the previous car.

The Scaglietti designed chassis and bodyshell introduces myriad new materials and assembly techniques in the name of weight reduction and structural stiffness.  Pininfarina collaborated with Ferrari on the body design, incorporating aerodynamic improvements and Ferrari’s current design cues.
The performance envelope for the F12 Berlinetta is simply off the hook!  Ferrari reports a 0-62 mph time of 3.1 seconds and a lap around their test track 1.2 seconds faster than anything they have built in the past.  This thing even has room for luggage..!

I say bravo!  Ferrari does it again…