La Cornue – Kitchen Ranges for the Connoisseur

As with many tasks in life, cooking works better when the right tools are at hand.
An excellent set of knives and some quality cookware are the perfect starting point, but let’s not overlook the large appliances, more specifically the kitchen range.  There are myriad options out there, but if you desire bespoke hand-built quality with a highly customizable configuration, I have one place to send you…

The year was 1908 in Paris, France when an artisan and old world foodie by the name of Albert Dupuy fashioned the first La Cornue gas circulation Roast & Pastry stove.  Three generations later, the family’s company continues to build hand-crafted custom ranges with their Château Series and a jaw dropping 8,000 possible configurations.  Surely enough choices to please the most discriminating of gastronomes. 

Several different lengths are offered with the largest at nearly 6 feet.  The range can be finished in nearly any color you can dream up and then trimmed with various brass, stainless steel or copper hardware options.  Several cooktop configurations are available utilizing gas burners, electric burners, plaque “French top”, reversible griddles, lava-rock grills and the power burner.
Of course this level of quality and customization doesn’t come cheap.  After all, a La Cornue range is thought of as the Rolls-Royce of the kitchen!  If you love to cook, and you demand nothing but the best in quality and style, a La Cornue range is for you…