Donelan Wines – A Sense of Place

As a wine connoisseur, over time one becomes highly aware of the origin of wines... the vineyard site that gave it life… the terroir.
All winemakers are stewards of this fact, working with the land and microclimates of their vineyards in the creation of their wines.  A select few winemakers seem to connect further with an almost ethereal attachment to their terroir.  Tasting through the Donelan portfolio with winemaker Tyler Thomas quickly revealed that he and owner Joe Donelan belong in this elevated group and it is reflected in their wines.

Specializing in Syrah while also producing a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a Roussanne/Viognier blend, the Donelan team has been able to find vineyards that impart unique character and depth of structure to their wines.  The preferred vineyard profile falls in the cool-climate category with what one might refer to as highly stressful growing conditions.  (Trust me on this – check out the videos on the Donelan blog.)  Sustainable growing practices are also part of the equation. 
The results of this careful selectivity and crafting show up in the bottle with their four single vineyard releases:

·         Kobler Family Vineyard Syrah

·         Richards Vineyard Syrah

·         Walker Vine Hill Syrah

·         Obsidian Vineyard Syrah

And their three blends:

·         Cuvee Christine - Syrah

·         Cuvee Keltie - Syrah

·         Cuvee Moriah – Grenache/Syrah

All of these wines are world-class in quality, and if you thought you weren’t a Syrah fan, you will be assimilated!  I highly recommend you give them a try.
A true sense of place…