Siri Gets Wheels

Siri, the girl we all know, is going for a drive.

Thanks to a rather large iPhone user base and a massive advertising campaign, the entire world has been made aware of Apple’s voice control iPhone app with the feminine countenance.  Even those non-Apple types among us are aware…
At the 2012 Apple WWDC, the new iOS6 has been unveiled.  One of the new features for this operating system for i-devices is something being referred to as “Eyes Free”, an integration capability for automobile systems.  Within the next year several automakers including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Jaguar, Toyota and GM will be integrating Eyes Free into their products.

Exact specifications will surely be determined by each manufacturer, but expect to see the capability to use Siri’s voice command features over the voice command system in the car.  More details will surely be forthcoming.
Ah… technology…