New and Improved? 2013 Lexus LS Arrives

After days or weeks (some might claim months or even years) of internet photo leaks, the new Lexus flagship has been officially revealed. 

Four flavors of the Lexus LS will be available:  the standard LS 460, stretched LS 460 L, hybrid LS 600h and the more aggressive LS 460 Sport – the latter a nod to Euro-style driving dynamics.

A quick glance shows the LS exterior following the new Lexus design themes used on the recent GS and upcoming ES sedans.  Unfortunately for Lexus, this means the sides and rear of their cars are lightly edited from previous versions and the front is plastered with the new spindle-grill, an overwrought attempt at brand design identity.  Did I mention I am not impressed?
The interior however, has been redone much more successfully with a fine blend of luxury, technology and good ergonomics with a bit more of a driver-centric focus than in Lexus cabins of yore.  All the latest pampering and technical amenities are present and accounted for.  The dominating feature being an available 12.3 inch monitor with split-screen capability that is sure to impress..!

If you were a previous Lexus fan, the new car should hit the right buttons.  Those of you that have not been a fan might want to give the Sport version a try.  It really is a more buttoned-down drive than what Lexus has previously provided. 
It should be good enough to keep the current Lexus crowd in the fold, but will it increase market share with other large luxo-barge owners – the S-class and 7-series crowd.  I don’t think they have done enough here… 

Certainly not the grill of my dreams…