Carmel 2 – YG Acoustics' Newest Speaker

No… I’m not discussing a second California city by the sea.  Today I provide discourse on things audio, specifically monolithic music-generating devices… speakers.

Audiophile speaker manufacturer YG Acoustics, based out of Denver, Colorado, has taken upon itself to update their entry-level Carmel. 

Actually, the term update seems a bit of an understatement, as literally everything about the original Carmel has been improved.  As a two-way speaker design, both the tweeter and mid-woofer in the Carmel have been redone with technologies trickled-down from YG’s top of the line Sonja and Hailey speakers.  The updated crossover, using DualCoherent™ technology, allows simultaneous optimization of both frequency and time domains.  Even the enclosure, constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum has been redone, for improvements in sound and esthetics.

On live display at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas, the Carmel 2, paired with some excellent electronics from D’Agostino, sounded very open and dynamic.  This is an excellent speaker, and well worth an audition for anyone looking at speakers in this price range.  Highly recommended…

MSRP $24,300.00