2016 BMW X1 – Updated and Ready!

The luxury small and mid-size SUV market is hot right now…  I mean smoking, singe your eyebrows hot..! 

On the smaller end of that spectrum, BMW has had the X1 available in the states for a few years now.  Well, guess what…   It’s time for a complete makeover!
Introducing the 2016 version of the X1, or as the Bimmer geeks would call it, the F48.  (That’s a factory chassis code – don’t worry, there is no quiz today)

Brand new from nose to butt, the X1 is actually a tad shorter than the previous model, although it is wider and feels more spacious.  The exterior view is also more SUV-like, as opposed to a bit of a station wagon feel with the prior generation.  A definite improvement to my eye.
A single engine will be available in the states, that being a turbo 4-cylinder powerplant.  With 228 ponies and 258 pounds of twist available, it will be plenty of grunt to motivate the Mighty-Mite sport ute.  An 8-speed transmission and BMW X-drive all-wheel drive finish out the drivetrain specification.

The interior is vastly improved in material quality, fit and finish and design.  BMW is realizing they need to catch up to class leaders Audi and Mercedes in this department, and we are all the better for the competition.  All the usual tech will be available – iDrive navigation with an 8.8” screen, upgraded audio from Harmon Kardon and even full LED headlights…   Cool..!
With main competitors the Audi Q3 and Benz GLA selling well, the new X1 will also be in high demand.  If you are looking at this category, take a look at all three.  But if you want that morsel of Bimmer sporty DNA, this buggy is updated and ready to put a smile on your face…