Sabrina – Wilson Audio’s Newest Speaker Creation

Dave Wilson and the folks at Wilson Audio have been crafting some of the finest audiophile speakers for many years.  From the trend-setting Watt/Puppy from days gone by to the current top-of-the-line six-figure Alexandria XLF, the quest for the golden sound has been Dave’s passion.  With the release of the Sabrina, a physically diminutive speaker by Wilson Audio standards, Dave has distilled the accomplishments of their flagship designs down to its essence. 

Utilizing trickle-down technology and top flight engineering and manufacturing, the Sabrina brings the Wilson Sound to the mainstream audiophile crowd.  Standing a bit over 39 inches tall (including spikes), each cabinet weighs in at 94 lbs.  Your dog is not going to knock Sabrina on her heels..!  Speaker complement consists of a 1 inch doped silk fabric tweeter for the high frequencies, a 5 ¾ inch paper composite midrange and an 8 inch woofer, also constructed of paper composite.  The enclosure itself is made of Wilson Audio’s proprietary X-Material composite in the front baffle and bottom and is rear ported.  Frequency response (how high does it go – how low does it go?) runs from 31 Hz up to 21 kHz: +/- 3 dB.  Fit and finish is typical Wilson, meaning spectacular!
The sound is impressive..!  The soundstage feels larger than what a speaker of this size should generate and the famous Wilson dynamics are present in spades.  The sound is almost… bewitching..!  (Pun intended, people!)  For some further background, take a look at this excellent video from the Wilson Audio folks.  Priced at $15,900.00, this is money well spent for what may be the last speaker you ever need…  I recommend a listen!