CAS6 – The 2015 California Audio Show Recap

The 6th annual CA Audio Show is in the books, and music is in the ears and on the brain.  It was a highly enjoyable and successful show, allowing long-time audiophiles, as well as folks with a budding interest in music, time to hear dozens of systems from manufacturers and vendors all in one location.  A special thanks to Constantine Soo and the folks at Dagogo for yet another well-done event! 
And now for a few takeaways from the weekend…

·         Portable Hi-Fi and headphones are en fuego..!  “Cans” from HiFiMAN, Audeze, Oppo and others were playing tunes from portable players such as Pono or Astell & Kern, along with computer audio through various top shelf headphone amps. 

·         Active electronics are creeping in to the audiophile world.  Designed to correct room resonances or speaker output, technologies once frowned upon by the golden ear crowd are now gaining acceptance with substantial improvements in technology and application. 

·         Vinyl continues to expand its hold on the audiophile crowd and casual listeners alike.  Turntables and records were everywhere, and sounding good..!

·         Not only is the audiophile world thriving (once considered endangered courtesy of the mp3), but the future looks bright as well.  I observed plenty of the younger set in the crowd, and even several parents with their children in the listening rooms.   
A few pictures from the show.  My apologies to those rooms not included.  They were all top-shelf...

(Above is the Pass Labs room with YG Acoustics' Carmel 2 speakers and the new Pass Labs INT-60 integrated amplifier - spinning some Johnny Cash on vinyl with excellent results!)

The MIT Cable room with Magico Q3 speakers, Constellation Audio electronics and of course, MIT Cables.  Killer sound..!

The author (left) along with the affable Ze'ev Schlik, CEO of Pure Audio Project, with the Trio 15TB Open Baffle speakers.  Great sound and an incredible value..!

The folks from Bricasti Design used their electronics and Tidal Piano Diacera speakers to produce some of the best sound at the show..!

The system from Andrew Jones at ELAC (left) and Peter Madnick of Audio Alchemy was one of the most talked about at the show.  The room was always crowded and the sound was always excellent from these budget-minded products! 

Headphones and cables and bears, oh my..!

Excellent budget systems from Joseph Kwong and the folks at Napa Acoustic...

The Zu Audio room was rocking with vinyl from Rush and others.  Pass Labs and Whammerdyne electronics took part...  

Until next time...   Cheers..!