Light Me Up – The S.T. Dupont Rolling Stones Lighter Collection

Simon Tissot-Dupont was born in Savoy in 1847.  Suffice it to say, Simon was not a fan of the Rolling Stones…  (Keith Richards isn’t quite that old.)
He did however, engage in handcrafting briefcases and travel cases.  The company he founded continued through the years and evolved into a producer of luxury lighters, pens, wallets, watches and even fragrances. 

Today’s subject is lighters.  It is estimated that S.T. Dupont is responsible for 70% of the luxury lighter market.  When you dominate a market so thoroughly, one might as well do something a bit out of the norm…  how ‘bout pay tribute to one of the great rock bands – the Rolling Stones. 
Let’s focus on the Rolling Stone miniJet collection of lighters.  S.T. Dupont has four versions, two in black and two in white.  Each lighter has the famous tongue-and-lips logo as well as the song title “All down the line”.  One of the black lighters and one of the white are available with Swarovski Crystals on the logo. 


Starting at $180.00 and going up to $330 for the Swarovski models, you can now light your cigar with a little Sympathy for the Devil…   Stones style..!