2016 BMW 7-Series - More and Less... Better.

The sixth generation of BMW’s flagship sedan has arrived!  The 2016 7-Series (“G11” in BMW speak) brings with it a bounty of new tech and a lack of…

A claimed 285 pounds thinner than the previous generation’s base car, the new 7 uses a mix of high-strength steel, magnesium, aluminum, plastic and of course, carbon fiber.  This is what BMW refers to as carbon core unibody construction, and it adds stiffness to the body structure while reducing weight. 
Pushing this reduced weight around is a choice of six, eight and twelve cylinder engines, all mated to an excellent eight-speed transmission from the folks at ZF.  There will be a hybrid version coming along as well, although the standard gasoline engines are all more miserly than their previous counterparts. 

Other fun tech includes the i-Drive infotainment controller with “gesture control”.  Changing the volume, answering or ignoring a call and more are all possible with a simple hand gesture, courtesy of an infrared camera in the headliner.  3D View is another trick, allowing the driver to spin the surround-view camera image 360 degrees around the car to view every nook and cranny near the vehicle.  Peekaboo..!
A slice of tech that is getting a lot of attention is the key fob, complete with an LCD touchscreen.  Check your fuel levels, service reminders, door locks, window and sunroof status… and in countries outside of the U.S. (thanks lawyers) you can even park the car with it… or back it out of the garage..!

I could go on about the tech, but let get back to basics.  The interior design and quality is a definite upgrade from the previous generation.  BMW realized they had to step up their game to keep pace with Audi and Mercedes-Benz in this area, and their efforts are paying dividends.  As for the exterior I will call it good, but not great.  The car does have better presence in person than in pictures, so all-in-all a decent update. 
And what most BMW enthusiasts are concerned about:  How does this thing drive?  The previous generation was thought to move a bit too far from the sporting feel bred into most BMW models in the concern of luxury.  The F11 should be a step back onto the sporting course, keeping those bimmerphiles happy!

Due around Thanksgiving of this year, the seven looks like a winner.  The base price will start at $81,300 and the online configurator is available, so build your car and place your order now..!
More tech, less weight…   better car..!