Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie – Sweet Private Flight...!

This plane is cool…!  It might be argued that Bruce Wayne would fly one of these.  Even the name gets points.

Here comes the Co50 Valkyrie!

Cobalt founder and CEO David Loury set out to build “an innovative private aircraft, that is not only technologically sound and safe, but also design-centric and luxurious”.  I would say he has succeeded.
Both the exterior and interior are completely customizable with different colors and finishes, even the seats are hand-stitched leather.  Seating is for the pilot and four guests, and there is plenty of room for the requisite golf clubs or skis, and luggage of course.  The one-piece canopy, claimed to be the largest in the world, provides unsurpassed visibility with a sweeping 320-degree view. 

Powered by a turbocharged 350 hp rear-mounted engine, the Valkyrie will max at 260 knots (299 mph) and has a cruising range of 1050 nautical miles.  It will get you where you need to go faster than any supercar, provided your pilot doesn’t get lost. 
This thing even has a parachute..!
First deliveries are expected in the summer of 2017.  You can pre-order your Valkyrie now with a $15,000 deposit.  Price of ownership is $699,000. 

Up, up and away…!