Jet Hopping, Four Seasons Style..!

What exactly is “jet hopping”..?

If the term conjures up images of a bouncy house inside of a 747, you’re way off base.  I will give you an “A” for creativity though.
Jet hopping is merely traveling by jet to a series of destinations on one trip.  The term has been around since the late 60s, give or take. 
Our friends at Four Seasons have decided to kick it up a notch with their take on jet hopping.  Let me introduce you to the Four Season Private Jet Experience
It starts with the bespoke Four Seasons Boeing 757 jet outfitted with 52 seats and a spacious and upgraded interior.  Each state-of-the-art flatbed seat is crafted in Italy with the requisite high-quality materials.  Any flight anxieties you may have will be quickly tended to by a glass of Dom Pérignon. Are you relaxed yet?  This is truly flying in comfort, style and class. 
Four itineraries are available.  Cultural Escape, Extraordinary Adventures, International Intrigue, and the following Timeless Discoveries…
Your journey will take you to nine destinations as you go around the world in 24 days.  You start in the City of Angels at the Beverly Wilshire for two nights.  Then the 757 flying limo takes you to Kona, followed by Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Chiang Mai, Mumbai, Prague and finally London.  Each stop provides an exclusive itinerary for the jet hoppers.  This is truly a unique adventure – possibly the ultimate way to circle the globe!
Choose your itinerary and book your flight now, as the next available trip is slated for January 26th, 2016, with more to follow.
Oh, I almost forgot.  Your ticket for the Timeless Discovery will set you back USD 132,000.  Bon Voyage!