The Gin Diaries pt3: OOLA

For the third in my gin reports, let’s head to the northwest corner of the states to the OOLA distillery, home of today’s topic, OOLA gin. 

(See part 1 and part 2 here)

Artist turned distiller Kirby Kallas-Lewis Has been crafting this small batch gin from his OOLA vodka since 2011.  His artistic sensibilities seem to carry over nicely to the craft gin realm.  This is what I would call a new world style of gin, with some creative use of botanicals producing this spirit.
The nose hits with floral rose notes, along with citrus and somewhat subdued juniper berry and hints of sweetness/caramel.  Almost “pretty” in its essence. 

In tasting, the floral and citrus notes continue, but firmer hints of coriander and other spices follow up.  The finish brings a mention of vanilla and more hints of caramel.  All notes were wrapped up in a cohesive structure with an excellent mouthfeel. 

While not my favorite for gin and tonics, it was excellent in a martini and would work splendidly in all manner of craft-style cocktail recipes.  This is one finely crafted small batch gin.  Seek it out and you are sure to enjoy. 
OOLA-la indeed..!