Bitters + Bottles Spirits Subscription – The Perfect Gift...?

Need a gift for that special someone...? 

Does that special someone happen to enjoy a good cocktail…?
Allow me to resolve your quandary…

Now you can gift a monthly subscription of booze...!

How does this work?  Well, suffice it to say, you might want to be over 21.  That would be the main prerequisite.  If you have that minor issue (pun intended) covered, each month you will receive a delivery of 4-6 bottled ingredients, including a target spirit.  This monthly treasure trove comes with 5 or more cocktail recipes using the ingredients in the box.  After a year of subscriptions, your bar will be well-stocked and you will be quite the hobbyist mixologist…!  You can impress your friends and family, and occasionally just drink yourself into a refined stupor.  Hey, we all need to relieve the stress of life every now and then…
Pricing is $85.00/month plus shipping, and this is a 1-year program.  You can cancel or pause the program at any point during the year.  A bar tool starter kit is also available for $55.00.

With top-shelf ingredients, excellent customer service and a fully stocked online store to supplement your subscription, this is a can’t-miss gift.  Keep in mind there are certain states with shipping restrictions – you know who you are! 
Cheers and Happy Holidays…!