Aston Martin’s Hand-built Lagonda Taraf

Thank goodness...!  The folks at Aston Martin have given us a reason to spend that extra 1 million we had laying around.  I was worried there for a minute…

What exactly does that money get you?

The Lagonda Taraf.

Aston’s revival of the historic Lagonda marque is a stunning, hand-built super-sedan that guarantees exclusivity.  No more than 200 will be made, with most going to the UK, Middle East and Europe. 
Not only will this ultra-lux transportation device will stand out in a crowded parking lot full of Rollers and Bentleys, but you can further customize it to one-off bespoke specification.  You will, of course, have to drop more cash.  Leathers, woods, metals, carbon fiber, paint color…  Almost any design combination you can think of will be accommodated, within tasteful British reason....  You can savor your singularity as you cruise along at a top speed of 195 mph.

Indeed you can, courtesy of a 6.0 liter, 540 horsepower V-12 and an 8-speed automatic tranny.  Just keep it pointed on the road.  This is certainly an entertaining sedan to drive.  Nothing like the buttoned down Mercedes S-class, the Taraf handles and sounds like a proper Aston, just larger and slightly dialed back.

Forty of these custom coaches have already been spoken for, so I suggest you move quickly.  Stop counting your money and pick up the phone...!
Bravo Aston Martin…!