Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper… Oh Yeah!

It has become apparent to me that the folks at Rolls-Royce really want my business...

Never mind the extravagant, hand crafted luxury land yachts.  Never mind the champagne coolers and stemware or the custom-fitted luggage.  The crafty craftsmen at Goodwood are tugging at my heartstrings with the newly introduced, limited edition Cocktail Hamper...!

Shaken or stirred…?
You can do either/or, as all of the mixology implements one could ever need are included.  Ice bucket, shaker, strainer, paring knife, tongs… the list goes on.  These are all bespoke, hand-made items.  And let’s not overlook the hand-blown platinum rimmed cocktail glasses by Theresienthal, not to mention some properly British cotton napkins. 

As with all things “Roller”, the Cocktail Hamper is meticulously hand-crafted.  The process takes eight weeks to complete, and includes niceties such as American Walnut Wood and Natural Grain Leather.
And now for the bad news…

Only 15 of these hampers will be made, all in the name of exclusivity.  I highly recommend getting your order in now!  And don’t forget to cut that check for $46,300…