Shot Scope Band for the Cyber Golfer

Technology gets everywhere these days, doesn’t it…?  Even the relaxing game of golf is not immune from intrusion.

Wait a minute… Who said golf was relaxing?

Scotland-based startup Shot Scope Technologies just couldn’t leave well enough alone and believes you need more data in your golf-infused life.  After all, you are on a never-ending quest to lower those scores! 
Here’s how this clever little system works:  Start with the club tags.  You get a set of 20 uniquely labeled tags that are inserted into the grip of each of your clubs.  Don’t forget the putter...!  The tags only weigh 1.2 grams, so no worries about your swing getting all catawampus!  

Next up is the wrist band.  Put it on when you head out to the links and then forget about it.  It communicates with the club tags and records all the data as you go, using GPS technology. 
After the round, upload your data to the smartphone app or your computer and crunch numbers at your whim.  Statistics for each club, putting accuracies, course analysis... the possible analytics are nearly endless. 

This could be the golf nerd’s Nirvana…!
Certainly a worthy investment for those serious about analyzing their game.  You can reserve your gear online for delivery before the product hits stores.


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