Rent a Riva – Boating Italian Style

You have to give it to the Italians.  They do know how to live.

La dolce vita…  The sweet life indeed...! 

With summertime just around the meteorological corner, the subject of water and boats comes to the fore.  So, just how does one go boating Italian style...? 
The first ingredient is water.  Italy is surrounded by the stuff, so availability is high.  Eh…  Let me dial down the salt content a bit.  Let’s talk lakes.  More specifically, I’m taking you to Italy’s Lake District.  Sure, you have heard of Lake Como (Thanks George), but there happen to be several others in the area.  Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore would be of similar size to Como, and you have several more diminutive lakes such as Orta and Iseo.

Now that we have found our H₂O, what would the second ingredient be…?

That would be the boat, with an Italian flair and pedigree.  Founded in 1842 by Pietro Riva, Riva Aquarama garnered a cult following for their luxury wooden runabouts.  The Aquarama model and various other derivatives were produced from 1962 until 1996, and they have become synonymous with a style of glamorous pleasure cruising. 
Now you know where to go, and what type of boat to cruise in.  The question is, how do you pull this off?  I have three options for you…

Matteri  -  On Lake Como, Matteri will rent you a 6 passenger Tritone and send you on your way.
Riva Charter  -  On lake Garda, Riva Charter offers day trips in a 6 passenger 1970 Super Aquarama and a driver to get you around.  Might as well drink some Champagne..!
Bellini Nautica  -  A driver and a 7 passenger Aquarama await your every boating need at Lake Iseo.

Now it’s time for some boating, Italian style…!