All-New Audi A5 and S5 Coupes Arrive..!

At its Ingolstadt, Germany headquarters, Audi took the wraps off the total redux of their A5 and S5 coupes. 

All of you nervous Audi Geeks can relax… 

Everything is as it should be.  In other words, not much has changed, despite the fact that this is a complete, ground-up reengineering of these coupes.  Is that a good thing?  Audi has recently taken to a safe, incremental style of design updates.  I gather they don’t want to upset the Audi faithful. 
While most automotive experts consider the previous gen A5 to have been the best designed of the class, it may have a difficult time holding on to that claim.  A quick glance at the official press pics reveal subtle changes; a sharpening here, a pinch there, an increase of overall grille size.  Is it enough to set it apart? 

Fortunately the interior has been successfully updated, following in the footsteps of the recent A4 update.  Design, fit and finish and well integrated tech complete what will likely be the best interior among rivals. 
There are definite engineering improvements under the skin.  The powertrains will be updated, again reflecting the motors in the new A4, with increases in power and miles per gallon.  The A5 gets 4 cylinders and the S5 adds two more, along with the power bump.  Overall vehicle weight will be down, assisting in better handling and that mpg thing.  Even the aerodynamics have been improved.

For the sporting amongst you, word is that a high-zoot RS5 is definitely coming to our shores.  Expect upwards of 450 horsepower and more aggressive bodywork.  My guess is we will see this beast a year after the base cars come to market.
Speaking of which, Audi has released no official timetable for the 5-twins’ arrival to our shores.  My guess is early next year, after a fall release in Europe.  Pricing has also not been released, so take a look at the current levels and add a couple grand for good measure.  That should get you in the ballpark. 

A final “3D” in person viewing will be the final determinant, but it looks like Audi will have another stylish but reserved looker on its hands.  Nicely done…