Wine Time – Hope and Grace in Yountville

“Hope and Grace in Yountville”…  

Wasn’t that a movie or a book or…?  Would you believe a small production winery centered in that laid-back culinary mecca otherwise known as Yountville, California?

The personal project of winemaker Charles Hendricks, Hope and Grace Wines (named after the winemaker’s daughters) had an inaugural release in 2001 with a Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands.  Currently several varietals are produced along with the Pinots, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a rare-for-Napa Malbec, that has been surprisingly and consistently excellent!  Current production is a modest 3,000 cases per annum, so you won’t find these wines at the local grocery store…
Thoughtful and humble, Charles’ winemaking philosophy is to let nature do its thing, guiding the grapes along in subtle ways to bring out their best.  A quick taste through of the Hope and Grace portfolio reveals the success of these methods.  Other wineries over the years have reaped the benefits of Charles’ talents as well, including Viader, Barnett and Regusci, to name a few. 

 The tasting room in Napa is relaxed and unpretentious, and the staff fits that style while being well-versed in the wines and even adding in plenty of humor along the way.  I find it an excellent stop in the afternoon, when the early appointments are done.  A great place to linger and enjoy the finely crafted grape juice!  If that sounds appealing, I highly recommend a visit…!
And now for a little insider tip:  Keep an eye out for the Hendricks labeled wines.  In the extraordinary vintages, Charles will make small lots of Cabernet or Pinot that represent his ultimate ideal of the varietal and the vintage.  Seek them out, as they make a fabulous addition to any cellar…!

It all adds up to a winner in the Connoisseur’s book…!

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Relaxed and unpretentious....sounds like my kinda place! :)