Audio Reference Technology – Italian Audio Artistry

Luigi Basagni is not an Italian chef, but rather an audio engineer.  Growing up with a love of music and the requisite engineer’s desire to make everything better, Luigi set out to make good sounding stereo systems great.

Audio Reference Technology was born…

Luigi’s vision?  Investigate and improve how the signal was transported between existing equipment; the cabling between the CD players, amplifiers, speakers…  Power delivery and isolation were also part of the development focus, as was vibration control.  After over 30 years in business, today you’ll find a full array of signal and power cabling and connectors, not to mention several tuning accessories, all created with the goal of making the sonic result “real”.
With strictly in-house parts and manufacturing (no pre-made parts are outsourced), Basagni and his team leave no stone unturned in the engineering process, whether it be conductivity, insulation or termination.  Everything has been addressed and fine tuned to the A.R.T. methodology.

But just what is that A.R.T. sound?   ……..
James Liu, A.R.T.’s Director of Business Development sent over several review samples including the Power Distributor and associated cable clamps, Super SE Mains 1.5M power cable, and a couple boxes of the Base Stands.  I spent several months with these products and ran everything through the usual battery of tests and comparisons.  Configurations and setups were changed, some components were swapped out, the audio room was painted (kidding)… 

Through it all, there were certain sonic characteristics at play.  The first thing that struck me, and stayed with me for the duration, regardless of the music genre, was the presentation of the bass.  The weight and decisive manner of the lower octaves was striking, with no detectable smear or loss of detail.  It didn’t come off as spotlighting, just an addition of correct foundation and pace.  I also noted improvements in what I will refer to as tone, texture and presence throughout the frequency range.  A.R.T. refers to it as a “natural and relaxed” sound, and I am inclined to concur. As can happen when attempting to evaluate quality audio gear, many of my testing sessions evolved into hours enjoying music.  I am guessing this is what Luigi and Co. intended…
A bit of food for thought:  If you own a tube-based system that already leans toward a honeyed sound, this might not be the cable direction for you.  I’ll let your ears decide.  However, anyone with solid state equipment should give the Audio Reference Technology gear a try.  I think it can be an excellent addition and you will likely be pleased with the results.  Keep in mind, this is rarified, high-quality (read: not inexpensive) equipment, so your budget will need to be considered.  The 1.5 meter Super SE Mains power cable MSRPs at $2950.00.

Oh… just one more thing…  Did I mention Italian?
As with seemingly all things emanating from Italy, you get the visuals to go with…  The car not only has to perform among the best, it needs to look amazing while doing so.  Some might say this is what luxury and artistry is all about.  A.R.T. products certainly adhere to that mindset…

Artistry and performance, the Italian way...! 
Well done Luigi..!

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