Pryma 0|1 Headphones – Are These Sexy…?


Headphones can indeed be sexy, and these are it…!
Portable music is all the rage these days, regardless of your audiophile status.  Everywhere you go, somebody is cruisin’ with “cans” on their ears.

Beats…  Bose… blah-blah…  The brands are almost endless, but today we are going to talk about the Pryma 0|1 headphones. 
Firmly entrenched in the audiophile world, the Prymas sound excellent!  Made by Italian speaker manufacturer Sonus Faber, known for products that are beautiful as well as sounding exceptional, the headphones follow suit.  The sound may not be completely neutral, or “exact” to the source music, but they tend to add a hint of warmth to a recording.  Not enough to be off-putting, but just a slice to add… beauty.  The effect will likely make you enjoy listening all that more, without even realizing why. 

As for the looks, a solid and uniquely shaped earcup surrounded by a nickel band gets things started.  The headband locks in place with stainless steel buckles.  There is all manner of leather, microfiber, and carbon steel (a strong, yet elastic material), all sewn together in an Italian suit kind-of-way.  Truly a vision to behold.  To top it off, the parts are all detachable, allowing the buyer to customize parts, creating any of a number of individual looks.
Starting at $499.00, these headphones will make your ears and eyes happy.  If you buy a pair, just keep in mind that you are copying Beyoncé.

What the...?
Yep….  In the video of the song Sandcastles from Lemonade, you will catch her at the piano wearing a pair of Prymas.  I guess they really do sound good…?   (wink)

Sexy indeed…!

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