Botanical Mixology – Toque’s Ultimate Gift Case

The folks at Spain’s Toque (“Touch”) have put together what surely is the preeminent collection of botanicals for the mixologist crowd.

noun  a substance obtained from a plant and used as an additive, especially in gin or cosmetics”
Ah yes, let’s add some (plant) life to your cocktails…!  Enter the Mixology Case!

Under the auspices of renowned mixologist Pepe Orts, Toque has put together a kit of 12 handpicked botanicals, a deck of cards with information and recipes, and the necessary tools to get you from Point A to Point B, otherwise known as cocktail Nirvana…!
What exactly might those dozen prized botanicals be?  Let’s take a look…

·         Juniper Berries
·         Cardamom
·         Mace
·         Star Anise
·         Kumquat Peel
·         Mallow Flower
·         Persian Roses
·         Hibiscus Flower
·         Cassia Cinnamon
·         Jamaica Pepper
·         Cocoa Beans
·         Elephant Coffee Beans

Intrigued?  This is an impressive and creative collection of ingredients.  A truly unique way to “get your drink on!”  The case is available directly from the Toque Store priced at 105,00 €.

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