The 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe – Just Right..!

Mercedes Benz has debuted their newest 2-door, the middle sibling of their 3-size coupe family.  Based on the E-Class midsize sedan, the E-class coupe shows tremendous promise...!

So, what about this “coupe family”?

The baby Benz coupe, the C-Class, is a nice car, but lacks the exterior gravitas and design quality to have it exceed in the road presence category.  The interior is excellent, but once you step outside the car…
Nice, but…

The largest and utterly top-shelf S-Class coupe is sharp, but is also a large car by coupe standards and may frankly be overwhelming to some drivers.
I’m thinking the E-Class Coupe will be…  you guessed it…  “just right”…!

Slightly larger than the previous generation car, the exterior of the new E-Coupe is pretty darn sexy for a Mercedes product.  Current Benz Design Chief Gorden Wagener and his team can be applauded for that.  The interior carries over from the E-Class sedan, which is all good.  This is a nicely conceived driving environment and has a bit more room for all occupants than the previous generation car, even those relegated to the chairs in back.  Design, ergonomics and fit-and-finish set the bar high.
So, the aesthetics are good, but…

Fortunately, there really is no “but” here, as the E coupe has all the tech goodies as expected.  Safety, autonomous driving, and infotainment features can be tailored as desired.  Chassis and suspension bits are well sorted out, providing the proper Mercedes-Benz roadgoing experience. 
The initial powerplant available in the States will be a 3.0 liter biturbo V6 with 329 ponies and the 9G-Tronic transmission handles the shifting duties in both 2 and 4-wheel drive versions.  You can expect a 4-cylinder model sometime soon, along with an AMG version boasting substantially more power and performance.

This 2018 model will arrive in a showroom near you mid-summer. 

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