The Hot TVs from CES 2017

Whiter whites…  blacker blacks…

I’m not talking laundry detergent here.  The television and related technology is the topic du jour.

CES in Vegas is always chock-full of the latest and greatest releases from virtually all of the television manufacturers, each one trying to outdo the other.  Absolute heaven for the videophile tech geeks out there.  OLED and HDR were the central buzzwords this year.
I hate acronyms...!

Some quick acronym background...
OLED – Organic Light-Emitting Diode.  This is the latest and greatest way to produce light, and therefore digital displays, otherwise known as your TV screen.  You can geek out at the wiki here.

HDR – High Dynamic Range.  This bit of tech allows for substantially improved contrast ratio and color accuracy, thus improving the video image.  Details here.

Enough of that!  Now that you are on the edge of your seats, wondering what the best television introductions were in Sin City, I shall rid you of your angst and make you wait no longer…
Here are my faves…

Sony XBR-A1E OLED  -  Quite the name, but I know you have it committed to memory.  This gem will be available in 55, 65, or 77-inch sizes and displays Ultra HD and HDR in spectacular fashion.  The set is incredibly thin with a nearly non-existent frame, for that “floating image” experience.
Samsung QLED 4K  -  This one is not OLED tech, but a pumped up LED screen technology to get you pretty darn close to the OLED image.  Sized at 55, 65 and 88-inches, the Samsung televisions do indeed provide an impressive image close to the OLED experience.  Pricing will likely be a bit lower as well.

LG W7P OLED “Wallpaper”  -  This was the winner of the cool television sweepstakes at this year’s CES.  The TV is so thin that it literally hangs on the wall with magnets.  Yes, magnets...!  What is “thin” you ask..?  How does 0.15 inch sound..?  Amazing!  It is so thin that it will not work on a stand, but requires a wall for hanging.  In a slick bit of engineering, the electronics were moved to a separate soundbar, allowing for the skinny screen.  Available screen sizes are 65 and 77-inches, and pricing will be in the $8,000.00 range.  This television wins the wow-factor hands down...!
Until next year’s CES, happy viewing…!


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