Wagons are Cool Again…!

Probably not, but…
There does seem to be a sudden renaissance-in-miniature of the full-size luxury 5-door.  I’m not talking SUVs here, let-alone crossovers.  These are honest-to-goodness wagons. 

Why am I preaching about hitching up to a wagon?  Logic points out that they are as equally utilitarian as the SUV crowd, unless of course you plan on going off-road on a regular basis.  Then add on the better gas mileage, superior vehicle handling and dynamics, and you have a great argument for taking a serious look at these buggies. 
Just exactly what buggies, er…  wagons, do I like?  Let’s take a look…

The Rock  -  “Solid as a…” one might say.  Something that Mercedes-Benz cars have been known for over the years.  There is also a long tradition of wagons, and the 2017 E400 Wagon carries forward in grand fashion.  Would you believe nearly half the E-Class cars sold in Germany are wagons!  The stateside version gets a 3.0L V6 engine with 329 horsepower, the excellent E-Class interior, and is bestowed with all of the high-tech insanity that has become Mercedes’ calling card. 

The Beauty  -  If you have any appreciation for design whatsoever, the Volvo V90 will catch your eye and not let go.  Volvo wagons have had a bit of a cult following for decades, and that cult is likely to grow with the new V90 coming to market.  The beauty in this case resides on the outside as well as the interior.  And you get some nice mechanicals as well, with the supercharged and turbocharged 2.0L 4-cylinder churning out 316 horsepower, available all-wheel drive and Volvo’s famous safety features.  A winning combination!

The Athelete  -  BMW is never one to be left out of a vehicle segment, and the luxury wagon world has their latest entry with the 5-Series Touring.  The latest 5-Series sedan is proving to be a real runner, and the wagon will share those nimble moves, all the while providing that extra utility.  Although not yet officially announced (the possibility is high we won't get these stateside), we hope to see the 530 wagon with the 4-cylinder motor, as well as the 540 with the V6.  What we will definitely get is a dynamic performer when called upon, as well as the highly improved 5-Series interior. 
Take your pick!  You won’t be disappointed with any of them…

“Wagons, ho..!”

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