AXPONA – Great For Your Ears...!

Coming to the City by the Lake, the Windy City, the City of Broad Shoulders (a.k.a. Chicago) on April 21 – 23 is a musical feast for the ears, and that brain between them...!
The 2017 edition of the Audio Expo North America, residing at the Westin O’Hare, will occupy several floors with 125+ listening rooms of killer sounds!  That, my friends, is a lot of tunes…! 

Over 400 manufacturers, retailers and brands from around the globe will be on hand with their latest and greatest wares.  The full gamut of pricing will be represented, from highly affordable all the way up to the rarified unobtanium.  Do you like to spin the vinyl?  AXPONA will have you covered with demo turntables galore.  Digital fan?  Everything from affordable portable players to mega-buck statement gear will be present for your listening pleasure.  Speakers of all shapes and sizes, amplifiers, pre-amps, DACs, cables… the list goes on…

I would certainly be remiss not to mention the growing throngs of headphone fanatics out there.  Roll over to the Ear Gear Expo and you will find the latest “cans” and supporting gear for your mobile / high-end personal listening pleasure. 
Looking to make some purchases?  The Marketplace area will have manufacturer reps and gear on hand for your perusal.  You can bet there will be show discounts galore...! 

There will even be seminars, lectures, and live performances available to attend!
The bottom line here; if you love music, whether or not you are looking to purchase gear, it is well worth a visit to AXPONA to see and hear everything that is available.  Truly a great way to educate the ears.  They will be in sonic bliss…

Stay tuned to the Connoisseur Corner for a full recap in the coming weeks...


Marty Feldmann, The Connoisseur, is the highly sought after consultant who assists businesses and individual clients with the acquisition of the finer things life has to offer.  Whether you are planning a weekend getaway to wine country, selecting audio equipment to outfit your home, planning your dream vacation or purchasing your ultimate transportation, Marty is your personal connection to the good life…
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