8 Is Enough! BMW’s New 8-Series Breaks Cover..!

BMW’s 6-Series coupe is going away. 

Fear not, ye lovers of 2-door lux-mobiles.  Simply do some kindergarten math and add 2…

In its place is the new 8-Series, or G15 as BMW Geeks will call it.  (the factory chassis code.)
Unveiled at the annual Villa d’Este concours on Lake Como, Italy, this is BMW’s most progressively stunning design work in quite some time.  While it is technically labeled a “concept”, very little will change in the final product.  A bit of tweaking in the front for safety / pedestrian standards, but the overall design will remain static.  I for one, am pleased…

You will see the 2-door as shown, a 4-door Gran Coupe variant, and the requisite drop-top look-at-me mobile.  Engine choices will be the entry-level 3.0 liter inline 6, a stonking V8 with 450 hp give or take, and a likely M8 variant that will scare the neighbors!  The gearbox will have 8 speeds and I am guessing that all-wheel drive will be available as well.  Carbon fiber and other tech will make a showing to reduce overall weight.  The folks at BMW are stressing that this will not simply be a boulevard cruiser, but a sporty handler as well.  Let’s hope that rings true...!

The interior follows through on the exterior design progression, with a fitting digital instrument cluster and a properly squared-off steering wheel, hinting of the cars sporting intentions.  The next-gen iDrive will be in residence, providing all the gizmo-wizardry you could ever need.  For the luxe-minded, plenty of bovine hide options will be available with multi-tone combinations, contrasting stitching and we’re told some microsuede surfaces loitering about.  The overall effect is crisp, clean and modern.

On sale in 2018 as a 2019 model, all three body styles will be launched simultaneously.  Pricing will be a sizable jump over current 6 series tariffs, but no firm numbers have been announced.
Kudos BMW…   Job well done..!


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