KettlePizza – Instant Pizza Oven..!

Eat more pizza…!

The folks at KettlePizza want you to adhere to this mandate.  It just so happens they can provide a bit of assistance. 

If you have a gas grill out back, you are now good to go.  The KettlePizza Gas Pro – Deluxe kit comes with the stainless-steel insert, built-in thermometer, a 15” pizza stone, grilling gloves, and the all-important pizza peel, available in wood or aluminum. 
The prerequisites...?

Your grill surface needs to be at least 24” wide and 17” deep, and you need a minimum of 3 burners.
Simply place the insert and the stone on the grill and fire it up.  Preheat the pizza oven for approximately 20 minutes and you are ready to start turning out the pies.  Temps will be in that 750-degree range, and the pies will turn out quick and perfectly cooked.  Provided, of course, that you pay attention!

There is even a charcoal kit for the old-school grillers out there.  Pricing starts at $209.95 and up, depending on the kit.
Oh, I almost forgot…  Another important prereq…?

Come hungry!  It’s time to eat pizza...!

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