New BMW X3 Gen 3 – G01 Madness...!

BMW’s mid-size SUV… er… they call it SAV for “Sports Activity Vehicle” (semantics) is now available for public consumption. 

The “G01” in BMW geek-speak (a factory production code) is the third generation of the X3, which first debuted in 2003.  The first generation was frankly a bit of an ugly duckling both inside and out, but sold well regardless.  Gen 2 represented a substantial improvement aesthetically as well as a notch above in engineering quality.  Gen 3 appears to be fairly evolutionary on the exterior design changes, but further develops interior design and build quality in good ways!

Slightly larger in size (no third-row seating here) but lighter in weight, the X3 will initially come with two gas-fed motors in the States.  The base X3 is propelled by BMWs ubiquitous 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged powerplant, exuding 248 horsepower and scooting to 60 mph in about 6 seconds.  A step up the performance ladder takes you to the X3 M40i specification and adds 2 more cylinders.  Power climbs to 335 ponies and yields a 60 mph sprint in 4.6 seconds...!

An eyeball scan of the exterior reveals a substantially larger rendition of BMW’s trademark twin kidney grill, which will likely be the remodel’s most polarizing feature.  Headlight and aero treatments are evolutionary, and the side profile and rear design notes are a touch more athletic in appearance. 
The interior is where my retina is most impressed.  Cleaner and more current in flow and appearance, the design manages to include all of the latest tech gizmodery that BMW saw fit to include.  This includes the newest iteration of iDrive, complete with a 10.25-inch touchscreen and the usual wheel and button controls, not to mention available gesture-control. 

You also can opt for the latest safety nannies, including adaptive cruise control, cross-traffic alert, collision mitigation, coffee spill assistance…   (kidding on that last one!) 

Overall, I give a thumbs up to this 3rd generation 3 of the X variety.  If it drives as well as it looks, BMW will have a straight hit on its hands…!  This buggy should compete well with Benz’s GLC, Audi’s Q5 and any other mid-size luxe-ute you care to name.
Prices have not been set, but expect the usual bump over the outgoing model.  The G01 X3 will populate US showrooms in November…

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