The Dynaudio Special 40 – Celebrating 40 Years of Speaker Excellence!

Danish speaker company Dynaudio had been around for a minute.  40 years’ worth of minutes, to be exact. 

One can almost think of Dynaudio as an old-guard speaker manufacturer, as they have had great success in the professional audio, car audio and certainly the home audio markets for quite some time.  Over the years the company has continued to refine their craft, known for their top-quality drivers and furniture-grade speaker cabinets.

So now it’s time for a birthday celebration!
Marking this auspicious occasion, the Danes have released the Special Forty, a two-way stand-mounted monitor with several technical advancements on an already impressive audio pedigree.

The configuration basics...?  This is a two-say stand mounted speaker, consisting of a 28mm tweeter and 17cm woofer.  The cabinet measures 7.8" wide by 14.2" tall and 12.7" deep, and weights in at just under 18 lbs.

And now for the special sauce...!

Let’s start with the new Esotar Forty tweeter.  This precision-coated soft-dome driver sports improvements to the neodymium magnet, reflection-absorbing materials and speaker airflow.  The result is a robust design producing in Dynaudio’s words a “tighter, more controlled and more honest performance”.  The engineers were also able to lower the tweeter’s frequency response, which improves the sonic pairing with the woofer.
Oh, and about that woofer…

Dynaudio exalts this as their best-ever 17cm woofer.  Strong words coming from these guys!  Improvements to construction and materials provide optimized control of the driver’s excursion-symmetry – the control of the speaker. 
Better sound…!

The crossover between the two drivers is a first-order design, which Dynaudio has used and refined for many years.  The speaker improvements allowed for a high level of optimization in the crossover circuit design.
Again…   better sound!

Top everything off with two Special 40 exclusive finishes available for purchase; high-gloss lacquered Grey Birch or Red Birch in cross-cut sandwiched veneers.  Stunning, of course…
Available this fall and priced at $2,999.00/pair, these Danish delights will please your ears for years to come.  I can’t wait to see what they do on their 50th...!


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