The Kimpton Gray - Chicago’s New Jewel

The hustle and bustle of Chicago’s Financial District.  Can one actually rest, relax and recharge in such a place?

The answer is yes…!  The reason is Kimpton’s newest Windy City property, the Gray! 

As with many things “Chicago”, there is history here…
History and hotels?

Indeed, I say!  In 1894, one William Le Baron Jenney built the New York Life Insurance Building in downtown Chicago.  Mr. Le Baron Jenney happens to be known as the “Father of the American Skyscraper”, due to pioneering use of metal-framed construction.  In 2006 the building was named a Chicago Historic Landmark.  2014 arrived, and the Kimpton folks acquired the building, launching a 2 ½ year project to restore much of the marble walls and flooring, exterior terracotta surfacing and the historic windows.  Oh, and they converted the building to a hotel along the way. 
293 rooms and 14,000 sq/ft of meeting space later, you have one special hotel…!  You feel the history dripping from the architecture when you arrive.   Combined with tasteful, contemporary styling, the overall vibe has a casual energy, perfect for the Chicago Loop. 

Hunger and thirst pangs are covered by three excellent venues.  15 floors up is Boleo, home to South American inspired bites and a top-notch bar.  Don’t forget the retractable roof – they don’t open this in December!  Ground level has Steadfast, a restaurant with a plush vibe serving highly-crafted seasonal American cuisine.  The third locale, and my personal favorite is Vol. 39.  A dark, high-ceilinged room on the 2nd floor provides a great place to relax with your favorite craft beverage and snack.  The highlight here is the use of several hundred original law books that were found on the premises and restored to pristine condition. 

Amenities on premises also include a fitness center, and Petrosino’s Parlor, home of a pampering Spa and Salon.  No relaxation problems here...!  Even the guest rooms are well thought out, bringing a bit of swank teamed with abundant comfort and convenience. 

Let’s top this off with a courteous, energetic staff – no stuffiness here – and the Kimpton Gray is truly remarkable! 
What’s with that “Gray” name anyway?

All of that beautiful and painstakingly restored marble happens to be of the Georgia Gray variety, thus the applied moniker.  Kudos to Kimpton for the excellent restoration…
If you’re headed to the Windy City and are looking to camp in the Loop, I highly recommend a stop at the Kimpton Gray.  Chicago’s new jewel…! 


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