The Ritz-Carlton Goes Yachting...!

Marriott International’s luxury hotelier The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, has decided to float an idea…

Why not take the Ritz-Carlton amenities, service and style and put it on the water…?

In the form of a yacht…!
Available in 2019, the first of three bespoke yachts will be roaming the seas, dripping with luxury.  At 190-meters, these floating palaces will be small enough to get to locations the full-size cruise ships can only dream about.  Accommodations number 149 suites, each with the requisite balcony, as well as a selection of top-shelf duplex penthouses.  The Ritz-Carlton partnered with Swedish design house Tillberg Design to assure the proper vibe was achieved. 

Shipboard amenities include The Ritz-Carlton Spa, in case you have trouble relaxing, and for those hunger-pangs, head to Michelin-Starred chef Sven Elverfeld’s restaurant, or maybe the Panorama Lounge for a more casual bite and some musical entertainment. 

Voyages will range from 7 to 10 days and will include a variety of destinations from the Mediterranean and Northern Europe to the Caribbean and Latin America, depending on the season.  Private charter reservations will be available as well, just be sure to bring your rather large checkbook…
Per Herve Humler, President and COO of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, “The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection will have a distinctive personality and the vessels are sure to be true stand outs in some of the most glamorous ports around the world.  This unique combination of yachting and cruising will usher in a new way of luxury travel for guests seeking to discover the world in a relaxed, casually elegant and comfortable atmosphere with the highest level of personalized service.”

Sounds like a plan…  Reservations will open May 2018, so start planning now!


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